Great British Breakfasts or Why We Love A Greasy Spoon Cafe!

Where Britain and food is mentioned, a contrasting, mixture of mutterings are heard. Blighty certainly holds a chequered passed where its cuisine is concerned, historically being famed only for the bland and functional. However, of late, the ever important business of food has taken a swift turn for the better; high streets and city centres are laden with gourmet varieties of all the favourite food stuffs, and the UK sits resplendent in the top 5 countries in the world for restaurants with Michelin stars.

But, can it be said that any of these fine eateries are quintessentially British?

Somehow, it seems our new-found food excellence has been predominantly conjured from a mongrel cooking-pot of the entire world’s cuisine; be it the high end burger or barbeque from America, or the countless quality bistros that see their menus born from the fusion of countless nation’s dishes.

However, there does stand proudly one last bastion of true British grub – a shining beacon of home-grown and fried hope – the ever loved, Greasy Spoon.

There are few things that will unify the nation more than the culinary output of these beloved outlets, whether or not you take the full dive into the delights of the Full English (or Scottish/Welsh/Irish, delete where applicable), or partaking in the impossible to replicate ‘builders tea’ that is served at a strength and consistency that has re-enforced the nation for decades, whilst simultaneously terrifying anyone not from our own green shores.

During the last General Election it even became the essential press call for all of the major-party leaders to be photographed partaking in the nations favourite, Bacon sandwich and a cup of Rosie’. In fact, unfortunately for Ed Milliband, his seeming lack of ability to successfully consume said culinary delight was widely thought to have raised serious questions with the British public as to whether or not he was even capable of forming a successful government.


Furthermore, even with Britain’s cooking elite do we see allegiance to the Greasy spoon – with recent name-checks coming from Michelin heavy weights Marcus Wareing and Glynn Purnell, and ever the man to take things a little too far, Heston Blumenthal even went to the trouble of creating a NASA-approved bacon sandwich so that UK Astronaut, Tim Peake, would never be far from the comforts of home, even whilst orbiting it in the International Space Station.


But, we must never forget the Greasy Spoon’s essential standing as the ‘Yang’, to the ‘Yin’ of the Great British ‘Saturday Night Out’. Where would we as a nation be, without the soothing witchcraft of the ever present local ‘mystic with a frying pan’, that provides tonic and cure for all that ails us after a night on the ale.

All in all, it’s easy to argue, and even easier to be sure, that the Greasy Spoon deserves to be held fondly in our hearts and recognised as what is possibly the most important catalyst to the continuing success of the Great British nation.

So, as a salute to the wonder of this icon of UK heritage, we are offering a deal to help you print menus on a paper stock resilient enough to stand anything a fry-up could throw at it….

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