You’d like to know more about us? Well, let us tell you the story of a company that started out of a 10m square office just three years ago.

Craig and Neil dreamt big when they started Northern Print Solutions from a garage in 2011.

Of course, if you’ve been to our busy office or are one of our loyal customers, you’ll know that big things really have happened, just in that short space of time…

In 2011, we wanted to take hold of the reins and lead a company that delivered on its promises, which went against the stereotypes of other printing agencies. Our industry has often had a poor reputation of dingy warehouses and poor customer service – we’re the complete opposite and although we didn’t get the joys of flexible hours, we’ve met and surpassed all other hopes and expectations.

“As word got around about our quality service and complete determination to deliver what the customer deserved, we expanded rapidly!”

Neil O’Boyle Managing Director

With a focus on responding to the speedy advancements in printing technologies, we expanded our digital and litho equipment and with that came the purchase of our quirky church-hall-turned-printing-office building (quite a phrase).

Having known each other since we were two years old – we like to think we’ve matured and developed considerably! Our village community has always bonded us, so the unique purchase of our current offices just felt ‘right’.

Locals can often be found wandering around our office, amazed that our church hall purchase resulted in the existing next door church being renovated. The hall itself was sadly run down, that is until we came along and jazzed things up! If you want to still look at the original features we’ve kept in place, you’re always welcome to see how it looks since its revitalisation from yesteryear…!

In 2014, we are proud to say that we have grown to 17 staff and by Christmas, we’ll have increased this number further. A passion for building a team that gets along, rather than “does its job”, means that we can often be found in local cinemas, pubs and restaurants!

Equally, we are strong believers in customer service, having made a huge effort to build relationships with local suppliers and our regular clients, we are proud to say our team is just as – if not, more – knowledgeable about this industry as we are.

Incredibly, from a garage to a church hall, we have now expanded the hall’s original footprint to twice its size – we may not have those easy hours still, but we have a company that we’re so proud of and a team that are reliable, friendly and just a little crazy.

What more could we want, you ask? We’ll let you know three years from now…!