A North East Printer that will welcome you with open arms

Skills can be taught, personalities can’t (sadly). If our phenomenal growth at Northern Print Solutions has only taught us one thing (thankfully for you, it hasn’t) it would be that people matter MASSIVELY!

Our workplace wouldn’t be the place it is and our reputation wouldn’t stand as tall and proud as it does if you thought we were, well, rubbish.

We have comparable prices to other providers, perhaps, but we never skimp on quality and service.

Our team of in-house print experts are all found under the same roof, providing you with continuity, reliability and support – i.e. the things that matter when a printing dilemma arises!

Trusting another business can be a big ask, but the trust you put in us is taken seriously. We ensure your order is fulfilled and that the extra mile which may be necessary is taken to deliver not only our promise, but the best of our products, on time and within budget!

We agree that communication is vital to a successful business relationship and we deliver on this! Whether the phone, email, Twitter, Facebook or our MIS system is your way of chatting, we’re here!

No, we didn’t forget the real world! Fancy a face-to-face meeting instead? Excellent! Your place or ours?

Whichever you choose, you’re welcome to see us and if that means coming to see our picturesque building, while we pop the kettle on and solve those issues (or just have a cheeky chat) that’s more than fine by us!

We believe in being loyal to you and your marketing aims through a long term, two-way relationship, which is why we tailor make all of our printing packages, so we provide a product that’s right for your business’ printing needs.

“Primarily, our job at Northern Print Solutions is to focus on the needs of our clients, cutting our cloth to suit the pattern as dictated by them. We really do understand how important work is to clients so we treat every job as if it were our only one – paying attention to detail, as well as the deadline”.

Is this what you are looking for?

Contact the Northern Print Team today and we will be more than happy to help.

E: info@northernrpintsolutions.co.uk
T: (0191) 411 1698

Our Other Services

Digital Print

Being a digital printer in this technology focused age is pretty exciting. Being obsessed about having the newest and quite simply, the best presses and machinery ever developed comes in really handy too. If you are into your machines and like a ‘bit spec-tech’ keep an eye on our latest news section because we are just about to redefine what excellence looks like. If your not, then rest assured our best is about to get better.

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Lithographic Print

Our Presstek DI burns plates using thermal plate imaging and uses vegetable based waterless offset inks. Because it uses state of the art thermal plate imaging, it can be ready to go in less than 9 minutes, giving a really flexible option. It is a smooth running, environmentally friendly, cost effective option for your larger print runs.

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The link from client to production. Helping clients see their work in real life, proofing your artwork and making it print ready. Our Pre-Press department provides a full support service. Drop Paul a line if you have any questions.

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Bespoke Projects

The size of your bespoke project is of no interest to us. If its important to you then it is important to us. From matching a colour or specific stocks to sourcing some type of never seen before foil, if you want your project to represent individualism, creativity, beauty and brilliance then speak to Beth for further information.

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